After a couple of years of research, planning and development, Esenda has officially launched its new, cutting-edge, fee payment and collections solution which integrates with WCBS systems. In this blog, Esenda explains why they provide such a solution to support the independent schools’ market.

We believe that in today’s technology-enabled world it is remarkable that schools still allocate huge amounts of time and resource to fee collections, with an enduring reliance on manual processes. In parallel, fee payers are often frustrated at slow, expensive, and unsecure payment methods. This new partnership has been built specifically for independent schools and their fee payers, addressing key issues, frustrations and shortcomings of out-dated payments systems and processes.

Whilst we provide schools with a payment platform built on leading-edge technology; delivering increased efficiency, accuracy and security, we recognise that any such technology needs to be easy for schools and their fee payers to adopt and use.

In addition, our solution also offers real and tangible cost savings to both schools and fee payers alike. For too long, incumbent providers have been getting away with inflated fees and charges that defy the efficacy of modern-day technology.

It’s an exciting time for the payments sector in the independent schools’ market and we are delighted to be leading the charge. Click here to read St John’s College Southsea’s experience of using the Esenda solution and the problems we have already helped to solve.

Esenda is now available within new and existing WCBS systems, read more about the features and benefits of this fantastic solution here.

If you would like to discuss how you can start using Esenda with your WCBS finance system, or you are considering moving from your current provider to WCBS, get in touch.

You can also contact Esenda directly at or by calling +44 (0)20 7157 9612.