In recent months data management has become increasingly challenging for schools dealing with the demands of remote teaching and learning while having to put COVID contingency plans into place. Redstor are the market‐leader in data management and have over two decades of experience in providing backup and recovery, archiving and disaster recovery solutions for schools.

In partnership with WCBS, Redstor will provide schools with valuable insight and expertise around how best to manage and protect their data, stay compliant with data protection regulations and deal with threats such as ransomware.

DfE guidance on backing up and protecting data

In August 2020, the Department for Education and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) shared updated guidance with schools following an increasing number of cyber‐attacks involving ransomware infecting the education sector.
The guidance implicitly states that all education providers should take action to ensure they are protected against the effects of a possible cyber‐attack or ransomware infection. These are set out here –

Along with your defences, having the ability to restore systems and recover data from backups is vital. You should ask your IT team or provider to confirm that:

  • They are backing up the right data
  • The backups are held offline
  • They have tested that they can restore services and recover data from the backups

How can Redstor help?

With Redstor you can easily select all data for protection and utilise Insight and industry‐leading reporting to ensure all of the correct data is being backed up.

Data is encrypted before it is sent to Redstor’s secure UK data centres, meaning that even if there is a malicious file amongst your data it cannot compromise the platform and utilising InstantDataTM, users can rapidly test recoveries and access data on‐demand.

Backup, Recovery, Archiving, Migration and DR can be managed through a single web‐based control centre, empowering IT departments whilst reducing costs, simplifying deployment and billing, improving security and compliance and providing borderless visibility of your entire data estate.

With no hardware, licensing or professional services costs, Redstor’s pricing is simple and based on a single cost for any protected data, including cloud services such as M365 or G Suite.

Download Redstor’s flyer on staying up to date with DfE guidance for backup here.

To find out more about Redstor and try the technology free for 14‐days, visit their site here