£5,000? £10,000? £15,000? Or how much time could you free up each week to focus on other activities – 10hrs? 15hrs? 20hrs?

In short, the answer is a huge amount!

By introducing a self-service HR solution you can not only save your school thousands of pounds, but you will also be providing your staff with a modern, more effective solution whilst freeing up time to focus on other value-added activities.

Find out how much your school could save with our HR Self-Service Savings Calculator.

A self-service HR system allows data to be input by or retrieved from employees, organisations, and legislations, and reflects it back to them in different formats.

Below you can see the variety of tasks with which this solution can save your school time.
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A self-service HR solution can reduce HR administration workload by up to 80%.

On average this equates to over 27hrs per week for a school with 200 members of staff. In pure pounds and pence, you are talking about ~£25k per annum!

Want to see how much your school could save?

Use our HR Self-Service Savings Calculator to find out your school’s potential savings, or get in touch with your Customer Account Manager to start saving.

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