What do we mean by Next Generation Solutions, and why should you care?

By Next Generation, we mean Cloud Native, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, that use the very latest technology in order to provide a 10x better user experience that is more secure, scalable, reliable and intuitive than your more traditional solutions.

HUBmis is a Next Generation,
Cloud Native Solution.

So, what is the difference between Cloud Native & Cloud Based?

Simply put, Cloud Native is the future… Designed, built and delivered specifically for the cloud. This is as opposed to a system designed to live on a server and simply hosted in the cloud.

Cloud Native technology enables you to outsource and commoditise the infrastructure, allowing you to focus on delivering value added features instead of wasting valuable engineering time on hardware and infrastructure.

In the case of HUBmis we have done this with Google Cloud, a top tier infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider that is globally available, but the data residency of the infrastructure is kept within Europe. Using the products provided by Google ensures we have a system which is:

  • Designed to scale without issues but resilient to failure
  • Code can be deployed quickly but rollback can happen fast
  • Monitored to see issues before they reach our customers
  • Is highly performant through various techniques such as load balancing, caching and is accessible from anywhere in the world
  • The hosting is deployed via code and this means changes are implemented with zero downtime, are logged and rollbacks possible when required

In summary, Next Generation, Cloud Native solutions are the future technology stack.

It is the investment in this technology that will ultimately provide better technological outcomes to schools in a more secure, reliable and intuitive experience than seen before.

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