How schools reacted to and coped with Covid-19

At WCBS, over the past year we have seen how schools in general and our customers specifically have been affected by Covid-19. With economic and geographic factors impacting decision-making on enrolment in the independent and international markets, coming out of what has been for some establishments an almost catastrophic twelve months is requiring some hard changes in direction, and overhaul in management.

As developers of software for information management in all departments of a school, and via cloud, on-premise and integration, adaptation and increase of functionality can fulfil the extra requirements needed for a school’s successful management.

It’s important for us also to keep in touch with other experts in the industry, and this time, Sales & Marketing Director, Steve Bilboe met with Emily Richards and Charlotte Hulton from our partners The Stickman Consultancy, the school marketing specialists.

What have they seen first-hand about how schools are coping with the fall in admissions, and how they are adapting their marketing strategies due to the current climate?

We talk around –

  • How schools initially reacted to and coped with Covid-19
  • How schools have changed their marketing focus
  • School’s biggest challenges post Covid-19
  • How can schools use technology in terms of their marketing
  • Examples of social media from schools

The first of our discussions is about how, as independent schools have both day and boarding pupils to consider, combined with staff in all facets of the community, the mammoth task of reorganising to establish a functioning facility remotely, as well as remaining open for the few on-site, could only be really understood by those who were involved.

Along the way, schools, like most businesses have truly realised the potential of their software solutions to help them adapt working practices, and from a financial perspective, the economic climate has meant that the reality is it is a necessity to prominently showcase their school’s values and attributes in the digital world.

Watch the first video for more insight:

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