How schools have changed their marketing focus

With parents unable to visit schools, their prospecting is being done online, and instead of researching three or four schools, as previously, probably all recommended, they can view many more, and make contact at a time to suit them.

Emily and Charlotte, from The Stickman Consultancy, are also noticing how successful schools are standing out in this rich and dynamic marketplace; and as focus for marketing now has to be on revenue through recruitment and retention via the digital environment, marketing departments are needing more sophisticated, online tools to help with managing the information they acquire.

Schools are recognising the importance of telling their story in a clear and concise way across a variety of platforms in the digital space.

As competition from the state sector grows, especially as many families have sadly been under increased financial pressure due to the pandemic, it’s more important now than ever before for an independent school to be able to clearly show its worth, not only to cope with the challenge of recruitment, but also retention.

This video deals with sharpening the marketing focus:

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