How schools can use technology to help them with their marketing

“We’ve seen the parent and school relationship improve due to better use of communication channels” says Emily, from The Stickman Consultancy.

Moving predominantly online means opening up automation to support, attract, engage and convert. Pupils and their families are now used to engaging with the school online, so will be comfortable using further extensions to their website’s facilities. Automation can be invaluable within the entirety of the marketing and
admissions journey.

Knowing the value of a pupil over their school life is even more important to the school’s financial wellbeing. Data capture, communication, reports and the conversion rate of enquiries, amongst others, will be paramount in keeping a school focussed, and the right software is needed by the marketing department to
share the information with senior leaders.

For example, now that virtual open days have been widely adopted and accepted as the norm, online forms can capture relevant data for follow up, and easy-to-complete information requests are available for parents.

The best use of technology is discussed in this video:

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