Parents’ evenings, video meetings, events, clubs and trip sign-ups and online payments made easy.

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Thousands of schools and millions of parents already use Parents Booking, which is a beautiful and sophisticated online booking system, but perhaps more importantly is also an education technology tool that helps schools improve parental engagement in a multitude of ways.

A better experience for parents

Improve the experience that parents have with school parents’ evenings by using technology to find the most efficient appointment schedule, by offering parents the opportunity to suggest discussion topics, so that meetings are relevant, informative and achieve their potential. Encourage attendance from parents who have previously been disengaged. Remind parents to make their appointments before the deadline in just a few clicks. Offer teachers the ability to schedule appointments at times that suit them.

A professional platform

Going one step further, and with video meetings and their many benefits being commonplace particularly since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, Parents Booking is the most professional way to host video meetings between parents and teachers. Imagine being able to promise parents and teachers that appointments will always run exactly to time? Parents and teachers are able to have their meetings from home, work or any other location, online. There’s no need for transport or to drive to school. Simply invite parents and teachers to login to Parents Booking on the day of the parents’ evening, or any other ad-hoc parent-teacher conversations, and rather than having lots of different video meeting links all of your video meetings will take place on a web page, counting down how long is left of each meeting, and automatically moving you on to your next video meeting seamlessly.

Multiple payment and device options

Schools can even set up events, clubs and trips, which can take payments online via ParentPay, PayPal or Stripe, meaning that Parents Booking is the place for all of a school’s parent booking tasks.

No software needs installed by any parents or teachers. Parents Booking looks and works perfectly on mobile, tablet and laptop/PCs.

Integration with HUBmis

You can even set up parents’ evenings in minutes using Parents Booking. Simply import WCBS PASS or HUBmis data in seconds using an electronic import (API) technology, which is quick to setup and supported, where necessary, but helpful support staff.

Parents Booking and WCBS

Looking ahead, Parents Booking and WCBS intend to implement clever integrations which will allow parents, teachers and ‘admins’ to use the WCBS product suite and Parents Booking in greater consort, making access simpler and providing users of both systems with unique shared benefits.

Start offering parents a more professional approach to bookings and parent-teacher meetings today. Try Parents Booking for free. Just ask your WCBS Account Manager for a free trial. Our only advice is that you look to set up your Parents Booking account around 3-4 weeks before your next parents’ evening.

How much does it cost? Not as much as you’d think! Parents Booking subscription costs begin at 60p per student, per year. Adding the video module to your subscription costs from 25p per student, per year.

Does your school use Firefly? You can link your Parents Booking account to your Firefly LMS via the new Firefly Parents Portal. Just let Parents Booking know that you use Firefly when you ask for your trial or sign up.

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