For those who want much more from their school MIS, HUB will delight as it is a world-class yet cost-effective system for the future. It offers unrivalled communication, scalability and reporting functionality plus a simple migration, from a trusted, established brand.

Expert school information management

HUB offers a multitude of benefits not available elsewhere as it is a unique, tailored solution that will impress all types of establishments, right across the globe.

A true cloud solution, giving global reach with access anywhere, on any device, in any language.

Perfect for UK schools

A superior product that addresses gaps in the UK MIS marketplace, HUB offers unparalleled features to enhance school management.

Ideal for international schools

HUB is multilingual, with a number of languages available now and more coming soon. WeChat integration is also available for China.

True cloud

Compared with hybrid cloud solutions, HUB provides automatic, streamlined upgrades plus reliable, secure and speedy access to systems anytime, anywhere - making it a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

Infinitely scalable

HUB will grow with you, and can manage any size of school, school group or school type.


See a single source of data across a group with real-time progress tracking for timely interventions. Access live academic profiling for enhanced student performance.


Access HUB from anywhere in the world and on any device with an internet connection. Use the app to access information on the go.

Speed and simplicity

Getting started with HUB is quick and simple. Migrating is far easier than you might think and it is highly intuitive so staff training requirements are minimal.

Value for money

HUB is modular so you only pay for what you need, making it cost effective whatever your school type or size. Also save money on hardware outlay – physical servers are not needed.

Safe and secure

Conforming to all recognised Department for Education (DfE) security standards, HUB is highly secure, fully managed, and available globally, yet hosted locally.

Easy integration

HUB offers simple integration with third party systems.

Intuitive interface and fast communication

Simple to use and manage, HUB also offers instant messaging.

WCBS is incredibly excited to launch HUB into both UK and international markets and it's already receiving fantastic feedback from schools. We believe that HUB is the solution to overcome many schools’ MIS challenges, with a multitude of unique features and benefits for staff, students and parents, truly elevating school information management.

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