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There has been much interest from our customers about the recently launched WCBS ePAYSLIPS, a new user-friendly, employee self-service portal.

Transferring PAYE documents securely and quickly is a growing need that will also save our schools money. Positioning WCBS ePAYSLIPS with passFINANCE extends the reach and scope to make us even more of a finance “partner”, and reinforces a strong overall efficiency message to customers.

WCBS ePAYSLIPS is an electronic PAYE delivery solution, developed by SSLPost. It delivers payslips and other important HR documents through a securely accessed portal, working alongside our customers’ existing payroll software and providing searchable, auditable records.

Staff access their payslip online by using their pre-set password each time electronic payslips or P60s are logged.

Our customers can make substantial savings on consumables, resources and postage from the first time they use the system – and its greener!

Why use a secure mailing portal?

Emailed payslips are not encrypted and could fall into the wrong hands, when an email containing a payslip is deleted, effectively that payslip, if not saved separately, is lost, and an email is easily forwarded on accidentally or hacked into, all outside of the control of the finance and payroll systems.

WCBS ePAYSLIPS store all the content and historical information securely which mean our customers will never have the risk of deleting, losing or accidentally forwarding their payslips.

Secure archive facility

P60s, P11Ds, employment contracts and any other sensitive HR information require a higher security level.

WCBS ePAYSLIPS store all this information in the portal acting as a higher security level for both the employee and employer.

Summing up, the benefits of the WCBS ePAYSLIPS portal are:

  • You can access payslips online, any time and any place.
  • It fully integrates into the existing WCBS payroll software.
  • Access to all information even without an email address.
  • Eliminates the need for reproducing PAYE documents.
  • The user-friendly easy to use nature of the system.
  • Reduces waste and consumables.
  • Branded to match your corporate identity.

Further endorsement is that all WCBS staff access their payslips through WCBS ePAYSLIPS!

For more information please click here or email; or call +44 (0)1458 833 344.


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