WCBS presence at ACAMIS draws plenty of interest!

15/03/2016 12:27:04 | WCBS

Greg Martin, Business Development Manager, Asia and Ian Adams, Senior Consultant, Asia returned home to Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong respectively after receiving considerable interest in the WCBS bilingual solution they were demonstrating.

Greg commented, “Ian and I enjoyed attending the ACAMIS Spring Conference last weekend, especially the opportunity to talk to so many delegates about our bilingual solution and show how we can help to 'do your school differently'.

Running an international school is a complex operation, but running an international school in China takes things to a whole new level! Now, however, language is no longer a challenge.

Here’s how the WCBS bilingual solution to information management helps:

• Recording data / information in Chinese and English
• Managing the language needs of staff who may speak Chinese or English, but rarely both
• And, most importantly, communicating with parents who expect and need information in Chinese.

WCBS has harnessed our expertise of more than 30 years of market leading status in the UK to develop the best Administration and Academic Management Systems for fee paying schools worldwide.

We offer the only bilingual solution and the best possible service for Chinese schools, including:
• An Administration & Academic system entirely in Chinese & English
• Parental engagement via a school portal in Chinese or English
• Offices in Hong Kong with Chinese speaking staff
• Support during the Chinese working day

Greg says, “We have contact details for many of you, but to those who weren't able to make an appointment, please get in touch by email


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