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29/04/2016 16:20:56 | WCBS

WCBS customers contacted us after reading the March edition of our quarterly newsletter, The Password, with their competition entry for a chance to win tickets to a 2016 Lord’s Test Match.

Customers who entered were asked to provide WCBS with their feedback on our products and services.

There were a number entries and we enjoyed reading all of the comments our customers had to say, but there can only be one overall winner. We are delighted to announce that Paul Foster, IT Director of The Queen’s School, Chester is the winner of the cricket tickets.

Paul entered an amazing testimonial containing over 400 words, explaining about his experience so far with WCBS; we have included some of his words below:

“There are many components required to build a successful company. WCBS are one of the few organisations I deal with who have managed to assemble them all successfully.

Strategic Products

WCBS are experts at planning their product portfolio to anticipate the needs of the most technologically advanced schools. Queen’s introduced iPads for teachers in 2013. Unlike their competitors, WCBS’ 3sysACADEMIC MIS worked “out of the box” with iPads.

Outstanding Staff

Migrating to a new MIS is possibly the largest challenge a bursar or school IT Director will face. WCBS project managers worked with extraordinary attention to detail when Queen’s moved from a competitor product to passFINANCE and 3sysACADEMIC.

Top-Class Support

WCBS’ support team are large enough to have a diverse and detailed knowledge base, but small enough so that schools can build up a relationship with key individuals.

Customer Focus

WCBS have an in-depth, specialist knowledge of what makes independent and international schools tick and what is important to them. This helps Queen’s in many ways. Products are developed after customer feedback, support is given which recognises the quality of technical employees in independent schools, consideration is given to the deadlines of the school year. And most of all, WCBS recognise our customer focus – the delivery of outstanding education and the requirement to ensure that our parents are absolutely delighted with the service we provide them and their family.”

A Solid Foundation

A 30 year old IT company gives reassurance to its customers that it’s products and staff can be trusted and relied upon. More importantly, such a foundation gives WCBS the gravitas to continue its pioneering approach in introducing leading-edge products in an increasingly technologically led educational sector.”

Look out for the next edition of The Password, containing all the latest WCBS news and events.


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