WCBS to host webinar for COBIS members!

14/06/2016 16:21:34 | WCBS

With schools now using a range of software packages, the possibilities for more effectively leveraging school data are greater than ever.

By design, this puts increasing pressure on your information systems, but by maintaining a secure, reliable centralised database as part of a wider strategy of co-ordinated and integrated data utilisation, you’ll unlock potentially enormous benefits.

The webinar will explore how this approach builds into a wider emphasis on ICT tactics and planning, enabling you to more effectively manage the entire customer life cycle. It will look at how your information strategy could more closely align to what you want to achieve across the school, and how solution providers should be helping you to use this wealth of information to the greatest effect.

On Tuesday 21st June at 13:00 BST, Gethin Nichols, WCBS Product Manager, will be hosting a webinar aimed at Subject Leaders, Directors of Studies and SMT from international schools. COBIS offers a range of free webinars in order to keep members up to date with COBIS services and provide CPD without having to travel to venues.

About the presenter

Gethin is a vastly experienced product specialist who has worked in and around the educational IT sector over the last 15 years. After joining WCBS in January 2016, he has worked closely with both customers and solution providers to develop an integrated approach to core data management and third-party functionality.

To register your place for this free event, please complete the COBIS booking form here.

For more information, email or call +44 (0)1458 833 344.


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