Get thinking about the future of your data management

28/07/2016 15:31:45 | WCBS

What’s the future for information management in schools? What challenges should schools be preparing for? WCBS discussed these issues during a recent webinar for COBIS (Council of British International Schools) members. A recording of the webinar is now accessible free to all schools here.

In the webinar, WCBS Product Manager, Gethin Nichols suggests that in the future, schools need to be able to centralise their information management but, at the same time, have complete flexibility for the range of software they choose to use, even allowing for educational software that isn’t yet available.

“There are so many different specialist apps and software solutions being introduced, delivering incredible levels of functionality to fit all niches of school life,” explains Gethin. “As a result, schools can experience chaos when trying to centralise data from their expanding range of software. The future of school information management cannot be about limiting a school’s choice because of challenges with data centralisation. Instead it needs to be about giving schools chance to integrate best of breed software solutions into a highly robust, secure and flexible core database that everyone within the school can benefit from.”

In the webinar, Gethin suggests it should be the responsibility of management information software providers to respond to the changing face of school data collection and tracking.

You can access the recording of this thought provoking webinar here: WCBS Webinar: Get thinking about the future of your data management.


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