WCBS Survey – we have a winner!

16/06/2015 13:30:20 | WCBS

The results are in following our recent worldwide management information system survey, and the winner of the iPad prize draw has been selected at random. Congratulations to David Elliott, Director of Technology at Concordia International School Hanoi, Vietnam. Greg Martin, our Business Development Manager based in Kuala Lumpur, took the opportunity to visit the school and present David with his prize in person.

Fascinated by the challenge of running schools from a systems perspective, David was keen to contribute his experience to the survey having spent 28 years as Technology Co-ordinator at the International School of Hong Kong before joining Concordia International School at its inception four years ago. At Concordia he was fortunate enough to have a blank canvas to work on, and he has built an environment for managing the school’s numerous and varied information recording and reporting needs from scratch. As a result he is very familiar with the growing complexity of school information management systems and the challenges of implementing any change at a school, saying “schools are aircraft carriers, you cannot turn them on a dime!”

When asked what he hoped to learn from the results of the survey, David expressed an interest in the problems that other schools face and how they overcome them, particularly regarding integration between systems which he is keen to see develop over the coming years:

"Something must be done in the future about allowing cloud-based systems to communicate with each other better."

David will be using the iPad at Concordia where they have a 1:1 "Bring Your Own Laptop” (BYOL) programme for grades 6-12. The iPad will be used as a research tool to help teachers in lower elementary grades find affordable apps for students. The next challenge for David’s team is to seek out more creativity apps for children, primarily in preschool, reception and first grade where they use iPads in the classroom.

We’d like to thank you all again for taking part in the survey. Hard copies of the report will be posted to all respondents this month.


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