School management technology responds to schools' needs in M.E.

17/10/2016 09:35:57 | WCBS

Some of the leading, and the newest schools in the Middle East are benefiting from the very latest technology in school information management; a centralised system. This is allowing schools to cater for the entire journey of a student; from their admission, through their years at school, and on to alumni, supporting them with personalised learning, college counselling, and more using one single school management system, and connecting everyone within the school community in the process.
Popular with many international schools is the centralised school information management system from WCBS. Compatible to the National Curriculum of England, WCBS school information management also has sufficient flexibility to create a system that is relevant for a school’s own specific needs.

Deira International School in Dubai is one example where this has happened. “We have a system (with WCBS) where academic information is stored centrally and we can manipulate it in the way we want to use it,” says School Director, Jeff Smith. “Our goal was to become an ‘Outstanding’ school, so getting all the data in the right place was a key contributing factor, affecting all aspects of the school from pupil progress to reports and measuring school value added performance.”

All pupil data, whether academic or pastoral, is now accessible to staff at Deira via the WCBS school information management system, 3sysACADEMIC. “This makes it easy for teachers to assess and improve learning for nurturing improved individual pupil performance,” explains Jeff. “Most of our teaching staff have iPads, so with 3sysACADEMIC they can access information wherever they are, whether on the sports ?eld or working on reports at home,” he says.

The same information management system also supports the school with many other needs including student assessment analysis, student attendance, and reports for parents, as well as logistical requirements such as extra-curricular staffing.

“Now with an audit trail of information on each pupil, we can monitor progress more accurately,” says Jeff. In its British Schools Overseas Inspection 2015, the school was identified as having a number of outstanding features including its pupils’ personal development. “You can’t run a good school without a good system,” he adds.

Schools in the Middle East looking for a school management system to deliver current and cumulative academic data showing the progress of individual students, the development of teachers, and supporting school administration, may wish to visit WCBS during the Education Investment MENA Conference. You will find WCBS at Stand A26.


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