HMRC gives the thumbs up to passFINANCE Payroll yet again!

25/04/2017 10:33:24 | WCBS

As each year goes by, the trust in passFINANCE Payroll is strengthened, and yet again this year the submission for recognition by HMRC received no queries. So it’s been tested, recognised and now on their website ready for 2017 – 2018 tax year.

Here at WCBS we are proud to be at the forefront of technology and we have invested the time and resources into passFINANCE Payroll, exclusively developed for the needs of fee-paying schools, to ensure that it continues to have full payroll functionality for our customers.

When it was first available to us to apply to HMRC back in 2012, we were working towards compliance in preparation of RTI. Now, the module deals with all aspects of payroll, including:

• FPS (full payment submission to be sent to HMRC each time employees are paid)
• EPS (employer payment summary to allow recovery of statutory payments)
• NVR (to verify national insurance numbers)
• EYU (Earlier year update for correcting errors in previous years) returns
• Basic payroll values, with tests covering tax, national insurance, sick pay, parental pay and deferment.

We provide a powerful, easy to use payroll solution for independent schools. That’s why nearly 300* of our schools have already adopted it for their Payroll needs.

For further information about passFINANCE Payroll please call +44 (0)1458 833 344 or email


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