Latest product release includes inspired improvements

07/08/2017 09:09:44 | Mike Page - Product Director

Our product team has been looking closely at our software and listening to customers, resulting in the latest release, version 5.3. Due out later this month, it includes updates to 3sysACADEMIC, passFINANCE and WCBS schoolPORTAL.


There are some exciting changes to the user interface! Improvements to the header and menu bar provide clearer and more consistent navigation across the platform. Responsive across multiple devices, this will ensure staff have quick and instant visibility wherever they may be.

Click here to watch a video covering the updated UI.


You will be able to securely connect and synchronise your database with third party applications, and easily integrate directly with key partners such as Boardingware using API version 2.


For even more functionality, data security, less duplication and no more laborious imports, you can benefit from our new integration partner Wonde. They connect your MIS with even more third party apps including Classroom Monitor, Class Charts, SchoolsBuddy, Titus Learning and DCPro. Many more soon to be announced!

For schools using Weixin/WeChat, the notifications module will now allow you to push messages from 3sysACADEMIC, with the ability to also send as an email and alert if you wish.


Updates to passFINANCE include SQL 2016 compatibility, new import capabilities in Nominal Ledger, added facilities in the Admission Register Report to meet new government requirements and HMRC compliancy enhancements.

The Gender Pay Gap Report has been updated to allow it to be generated without running the period end for the relevant pay period first.

The Apprenticeship Levy Report in Payroll, showing details of payments made and allowances each month is now system-generated.

Also, in response to customer feedback, a new debt report for use at the year end is now available within Billing.

The Year End Aged Debt Report provides both a detailed and a summary view. It has been designed to:

  • report on the outstanding balance at the date it is run
  • optionally exclude future transactions by date
  • provide a split between the balance that falls into the current and future financial years
  • be run at the end of your financial year to aid reconciliation (particularly useful for your auditor)
  • export both the detailed and summary reports to MS Excel


For our international customers, we have extended our bilingual offering to now include Vietnamese translation for WCBS schoolPORTAL, helping schools communicate with parents in their first language.

Look out for more product updates including the 5.4 release which is due towards the end of this year.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email or call 44 (0)1458 833 344.


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