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25/10/2017 09:37:29 | Mike Page - Product Director

As we progress towards the GDPR deadline on 25th May 2018, more of our customers are asking us about GDPR in the context of two questions:

  • What plans do we have for our software?
  • How does our software assist the management of Data Protection obligations?

First, regarding the software itself, some schools using our systems have already passed GDPR audits and we have made changes to our software to aid this compliance. We also have much more planned in the forthcoming releases of passFINANCE, 3sysACADEMIC and HUB throughout the remainder of 2017 and first calendar quarter of 2018. These enhancements will include a range of updates from changing default selections, to enabling records to be edited and the automation of removing personal data.

Secondly, we are building a library of answers to questions asked by our customers in relation to best use of WCBS systems to support GDPR obligations. These will be released via a number of channels over the next few weeks and we’ll update our blog once these are available. We will also include GDPR updates for customers at the forthcoming ASMC and UPASS events.

Many obligations are not new - just highlighted within the new legislation, and the implications of GDPR are far broader than just your MIS software. The primary focus is around ensuring that you have the right processes in place and you should already be reviewing these as mentioned in our previous GDPR blog.

In the meantime, there are some “must view” links, particularly if you are in the early stages of your GDPR journey.

  1. The ICO website is the main source for GDPR updates, it includes some helpful articles such as 12 steps to take now!

  2. Eversheds Sutherland law firm has a wealth of information on GDPR available on their website and also have a useful GDPR tracker.
  3. As mentioned in a previous blog, solicitors, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, have come up with a helpful guide on 10 Steps for Schools.
  4. Our integration partner Wonde has just launched a GDPR tool that helps you to manage your school’s processes.
  5. Similarly, third party integrator Groupcall is offering a cloud-based GDPR tool to aid data protection management throughout your school.


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