Partners page helps schools choose best apps to integrate with MIS

01/11/2017 13:49:15 | Mark Maybury

No single MIS can provide everything to meet a school’s needs, and do it all well. The data requirements of any school are too extensive, and the necessity to remain at least current, if not ahead of the game regarding data security, too crucial.

At WCBS, we have worked hard to provide a reputable Application Processing Interface (API) to ‘bridge’ the central database to additional software and apps that schools want to use. The API allows data to flow into the core database in a very secure, safe manner.

We have also teamed up with trusted integration experts such as Wonde and Groupcall to simplify the way in which schools securely manage their information with third party applications. The quick and remote process enables seamless integration using the WCBS API.

Our dedicated partners page helps schools choose ‘best of breed’ software for specific tasks, confident that they will ‘talk’ to their MIS, gaining even more value from their investment.

We will regularly update our partners page as new third party apps become available, increasing our integration capabilities to ensure that the full potential of data is harnessed. This will give schools accurate information across all departments, minimising duplication and reducing laborious manual input.

This in turn can help motivate staff, keep parents well informed and produce accurate reporting and analysis.

For a personal consultation on what can be achieved, please email or phone +44 (0)1458 833 344.


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