Excitement builds for Chinese families as New Year gets closer

15/02/2018 08:55:51 | WCBS

The excitement of Chinese communities around the world certainly encourages many other nationalities to join in the celebrations to welcome the Lunar New Year on 16th February. Following tradition, there will be bell ringing and watching lion dances, plus letting off firecrackers and fireworks to scare away inauspicious spirits and Nian, the New Year monster.

Chinese families gather for a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, then clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune. Children are given red envelopes stuffed with 'lucky money' and positive wishes on New Year's Day, although nowadays, most teenagers have ‘red envelope’ apps, so that their relatives can transfer cash digitally.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 will be the Year of the Dog, one of the twelve signs of the Chinese calendar, determined by the movement of the moon. This rarely lines up with the 1st January start to the new year on the Gregorian calendar, so even though a baby might be born in the year 2018, they may not actually be born in the Year of the Dog, and some babies born in 2019 will have the dog as their sign.

WCBS has established a prestigious place in Chinese schools through extensive research and working closely with Chinese private and Government school customers. We have developed a unique understanding of the specific information management requirements in China, and as a member of the China Britain Business Council (CBBC) and our work with the Department for International Trade (DIT), WCBS is recognised as a pioneering leader in the education technology market in China.

We have completed the next stage of our product innovation with HUB, our true cloud MIS launched in September 2017. Offering access to information at school and remotely, reducing travel and hardware, HUB is available in Mandarin and English, and integrates with WeChat specifically for our Chinese customers.

To start this new year, we are delighted to welcome Will Percy as China Director, who has lived in China and worked in Chinese schools for many years. He will be joining Zenaria Cheng, our China Business Manager. Both have considerable experience of Chinese and international curricula and cultures and provides bilingual consultancy and support to our schools in China.

WCBS is delighted to be at the forefront of such an interesting and exciting market.

Happy New Year!


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Good morning and happy Lunar New Year to the world! Good to read this article in the first morning of the year of dog. Your support to us last year was create and hope we still could have your strong support this year, and, thank you all for that! :)

Allan Chen
Posted: 16/02/2018
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