How We Work With International Schools

We have a dedicated international team who will work with you at your location, all co-ordinated from our HQ in the UK. Our expertise in working with schools overseas is something we’re really proud of and we’re always delighted to partner with you to see our MIS and finance products making a real difference world-wide! Think bilingual admissions, administration and academic software – and a multi-language WCBS schoolPORTAL and you’re in exactly the right place.

Don’t just take our word for it! We can connect you with a school close to your location so you can find out more from one of our existing customers. We can also provide you with a list of reference sites. Please contact us to get this information.

International Support

We’ll make sure you get maximum value from your school information management system, even if you’re thousands of miles away and on a completely different time-zone. We provide extended hours of support meaning we’re always here for you. We’re just a phone or Skype call, or an email away – we won’t go quiet on you, we promise.

You’ll have access to the WCBS Customer Centre, a simple to navigate website where you can access the latest software downloads and release information, FAQs, log calls and find user group details. You can also find information on our extended support hours, and be given remote access facilities, so our technical team can help you within minutes – all you need to do is say the word.


After many years exporting our software to international schools around the world, WCBS is now well established in the Chinese education market. Through extensive research, and working closely with Chinese private and Government school customers, we have developed a unique understanding of the specific information management requirements in China.

Our international strategy continues to grow and adapt. This is due to the demands of the international market-place, as well as specific requests from schools that turn to us as industry leaders.

As a member of the China Britain Business Council (CBBC) and through working closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT), WCBS is recognised as one of the leading pioneers in the education technology market in China.

Further collaboration with our growing Chinese customer base will ensure that we have the very best product for the market to allow schools in China to run as efficiently as possible and provide the most professional service they can to their students and parents.

Our commitment to innovation is typified by our development of the first fully bilingual information management system in Mandarin and English. This is already being used by schools throughout China, either as a bilingual or entirely Mandarin solution We are also expanding upon deep localisation of our Chinese MIS solution to reflect the requirements of schools.

Click here to read how HD Ningbo School is utilising the bilingual information management system

WCBS is delighted to be at the forefront of such an interesting and exciting market.

Our International Team

With staff based in Hong Kong, Thailand, the Middle East and the UK, and with an even greater outreach planned, we cover an extraordinary distance. Our team is friendly, professional and well aware of the challenges you face as an international school. They are passionate about spreading the word about WCBS and making sure our international customers are always happy.

Danni Fanton
Business Development Manager - Middle East and Africa

Danni joined WCBS in 2017 after many years in the Middle East with a leading curriculum software provider, giving her a special understanding of the schools sector. Even though Danni lives in Dubai, she feels part of the great WCBS team spirit, working closely with all departments in the UK. Danni has always loved travelling, to experience local cultures and especially to sample food. This, together with her love of shopping, means that Danni looks forward to visiting her many accounts in the region!

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