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The education, friendships and experiences provided by your school should last a lifetime, and it’s important that this spirit extends beyond that time when your pupils move on to pastures new. WCBS schoolALUMNI is an online community portal, fundraising database and website, all rolled into one, bringing together the school’s alumni in a structured useful environment.

WCBS schoolALUMNI has been developed to help you effectively communicate with former pupils

Work together with your former pupils for the good of your school.
Take a look at all the features WCBS schoolALUMNI offers.

All-in-one technology with hosted software

No need to manage data and tasks across multiple software platforms and no installation, ongoing maintenance or security software for your IT team to worry about. With fast product development, responsive to customer feedback offering regular enhancements.

Advanced customisation and flexibility

Tailor your website to suit your requirements. Update your own branding, create unlimited new fields, pages or menu options quickly and easily.

Easily manage fundraising campaigns

Run multiple fundraising campaigns, funds and appeals. Member engagement tracking of all activity to help maximise donations and conserve resources by targeting your alumni and prospects with the highest propensity to give.

Organise and market events online

Create successful events, share them with other mainstream calendars, publicise them to your online community, social media and effortlessly manage alumni invitations and attendees.

Easy communication

Create personalised emails and letters with the ability to send and record all electronic and physical mail against member records. Apply one click consent to ensure you adhere to data protection regulations, including the GDPR.

Efficiently deliver a diverse selection of alumni services to multiple devices

News, events, merchandise, online polls, photo boards, campaigns, mentoring and business directory services – all delivered in a cost-effective way to laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

Integrated auto-balancing gateway for online payments

Easily deal with every aspect of donation management, from pledges to claiming gift aid, through the online payment facility.

Alumni management

Your alumni can update their own details at any time, so you can always maintain an accurate database and track the activity of all member records.

Powerful data analytics, export, reporting and search tools

WCBS schoolALUMNI is underpinned by a remarkable amount of analytics so you’ll have all the information you need to become more targeted and more accurate in the way you utilise your network.

You want your alumni to feel that they are part of something important, so you can brand and customise your network to be exactly how you want to project your school. WCBS schoolALUMNI links the social networking tools that have become a staple of modern life back to a structured and controlled environment – so you’re getting the best of both worlds. It provides immediate, hassle free access to all the functionality you need to manage your alumni relations.

WCBS schoolALUMNI will help you to bring a sense of belonging and pride to your school, ensuring good relationships will continue through generations.

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