Your MIS should help your independent school provide an outstanding education

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A cloud native MIS supports your entire school and encourages adoption,
through ease of use due to a beautiful UX.

Your MIS should support the entire school

Clear communication will realise efficiencies in your school

Internal and external communications should not slow down your working day. Done right, they build relationships and increase efficiency, through the use of a variety of channels. Every department should be able to communicate quickly and easily- never miss a message and easily understand events through clear timelines.

You can decide which method to use, whether they are announcements, emails or letters. Internal and external communications should not slow down your working day. Done right, they can build relationships and increase efficiency.

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HUBmis timetables

Adaptable timetables to organise your school

Your school deserves a timetable module that is adaptable, easy to use, and clearly flags clashes (be it rooms or staff). Timetables are at the core of every school, used by every staff member, pupil and even parents.

You may even use third party timetable solutions, and you’ll want to import these too so you can avoid repeating work unnecessarily.

You deserve unlimited structures of timetable, so that you can organise your school or group in the way that works best, and if anomalies are flagged, what better way to amend these than using a quick and easy drag and drop?

Allow teachers to teach: keep training to a minimum

Your school is full of amazing teachers who are there to provide an outstanding education to your pupils. They shouldn’t need to spend time learning how to use a new solution- it should just come naturally, and that’s the perk of an MIS with a beautiful UX (User Experience).

Slow loading and hard to use technology causes frustrations, wastes time, and can even affect staff retention. A next generation MIS should be part of your staff attraction plan, so you don’t give your expert teachers a reason to look elsewhere, instead nurturing skills and giving them the tools needed to thrive.

HUBmis Communication module
HUBmis wellbeing module

Pupil wellbeing is top priority

When a system is easy to use, your staff are more likely to use it. Your MIS should encourage adoption and enable staff to log wellbeing concerns as they happen, meaning it can be reviewed and escalated as quickly as possible.

Your wellbeing module should allow real-time attendance and behaviour tracking, with instant reporting and detailed graphs. This will help you keep on top of pastoral management and ensures pupils’ wellbeing isn’t getting overlooked. You should be able to loop the parents in on these events when necessary too, giving them peace of mind and an improved pupil-parent experience.

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HUB doesn’t just support Academics, your IT and Data Protection Officers will love it too

HUB has been built from the ground up with security and performance at the forefront of the design process. We put security on the highest level, and this commitment has extended to all of our products.

How does HUB keep your data safe and secure?

Through encryption policy, automated updates, external access restrictions, penetration testing and incident management. All of which ensures a sophisticated stable platform for your data to stay safe and secure.

And all built on the Google Cloud platform.

HUB security

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Your Independent School deserves an MIS that improves your efficiency.


Many other providers have simply given their old technology a facelift. HUBmis was built from the ground up, on brand new technology and is the only cloud native Management Information System designed for Independent and International Schools. The MIS has been designed and built specifically for the cloud, and offers a digitally familiar user interface, with a 10x better user experience requiring little to no training, and has integration capacity with any third party EdTech product via API.


A successful admissions strategy ensures your school's sustainability.


With only two thirds of schools meeting their enrolment goals, a successful admissions strategy ensures the future sustainability of your school. To achieve a full school, it’s important to be proactive and engaging with prospective parents, and offer an easy and convenient application and enrolment process for them at your school. This way, you’ll get fewer ‘drop outs’ and a speedier applicant turnaround. HUBadmissions can help you achieve this and so much more.


Financial Management of Independent Schools requires dedicated solutions.


HUBincome for Independent and International Schools will be available as a standalone income solution, or as an additional module within HUBmis. The solution will have the unparalleled billing power of passBILLING, comprising fees, sales, credit control and shop combined with the technological advancements and incredible user experience of HUBmis.

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