Data Services

Our Data Services team provides careful analysis, validation and cross-checking

Data Services

Your data is exactly that- your data. We ensure it’s looked after with gold standard security, but we will never charge you to hook up an API into it.

Our team of Data Specialists is here to help you improve efficiencies, streamline workflows, and maximise the use of your data.


If you have data that you want to bring across from your previous MIS or Finance system then our team here will be sure to assist you every step of the way. Careful analysis, validation and cross-checking are key aspects of any migration and our trusted team take the care your data deserves. Security of your data is taken extremely seriously, and we use industry-leading software to provide encryption and highly secure storage. We work closely with you to ensure that what you extract from your previous software is accurate, correct and usable in ours.

Our team has over 20 years of experience of providing data services to our customers including bespoke data manipulation and correction as well as advice and database ‘health checks’.

The Report Design Process

WCBS provides a portfolio of School Reports for our customers with customisable colours, fonts and logos for you to choose from. If you prefer a bespoke design, that’s fine too! We have an incredible team available to analyse, build, test and implement your reports from scratch making the whole process easy to manage with great results for the end users. Our on-premise customers can design and build their own reports with the hugely flexible Report Building tool or you can rely upon the expertise of the team here to deliver reports that meet your individual needs.

Data Health Checks

Data health checks are a service provided by our team, to help your school check how accurate and reliable your data is. During a data health check, the team provides 15 checks to identify and recommend improvements that can be made to benefit all user in your school.

Most of our solutions include an annual health check, so be sure to use yours each year to see where your reporting and workflows could be improved. Simply contact your Customer Account Manager to learn more.

Data Management

Are your school Data Managers stretched thin? WCBS can help your school maintain its data health. Our Data Services Team can help with all your data management needs helping your school improve efficiencies, streamline workflows, and maximise the use of your data.

This could help your school save time and money to find out more contact your Customer Account Manager to learn more.

Hear what our customers have to say:

“You have been amazing to work with – your patience and professionalism dealing with the ever-changing requests and requirements, and supporting me in such an understanding way has been incredible.”

We understand the importance of a smooth transition to a powerful school MIS, but you don’t need to worry when the WCBS Team is here to support you every step of the way.

Get in touch to discuss how quick and easy a Migration project can be with WCBS.

Get in touch with your Customer Account Manager to book in a data health check or find out more about our bespoke reports.