Access Education gives you the freedom to deliver an outstanding education

At Access Education, we’re making every school day simpler.

Whether you’re an international school or an independent school, Access Education software is your gateway to enhanced efficiency and engagement.

HR Software

Tailored specifically for the education sector and hosted on the cloud, our HR software simplifies and modernises HR operations for independent and international schools.

  • Consolidate employee records into a centralised system
  • Enhance performance appraisals and evaluations
  • Generate a wide array of reports using customisable dashboards
  • Empower your team with self-service capabilities

With additional modules for recruitment, screening, and learning management, our HR software ensures a smooth employee lifecycle within your school, promoting a productive and cohesive team. For comprehensive HR management, we suggest integrating our HR software with our Payroll service.

Parental Engagement

Enhance parent-school connections effortlessly with MySchoolPortal – designed for time-conscious parents with high expectations.

  • Effectively manage messages, social media, website updates, and stay informed about school calendars and events
  • Engage parents in their child’s education with features such as home learning updates, parents’ evening details, and access to reports and data
  • Simplify the coordination of fees, clubs, events, activities, and school uniform logistics, ensuring a smoother educational journey for all stakeholders

Trusted by over 300 independent schools, we provide a unified platform that fosters closer school community ties, creating a shared and seamless educational experience for everyone involved.

Curriculum Content with Access GCSEPod

Improve grades at your secondary school with Access GCSEPod. Foster consistency in assessments, empower teachers, and gain valuable performance insights.

  • Renowned for excellence, our online teaching resources are tailored for KS3, GCSE and IGCSE levels
  • Cultivate student engagement, enhance confidence, and accelerate academic progress
  • Accessible, easily digestible content that resonates with both teachers and students

Our platform seamlessly integrates essential components – content, assessment, and data – providing subscribers with award-winning educational resources led by experts, complemented by vital monitoring and reporting tools.