Better school finance management

Our market leading school finance solution, passFINANCE, has been tried and tested by hundreds of schools, some of which have been WCBS customers for more than 30 years! passFINANCE software has been designed solely with independent and international schools in mind so we fully understand the importance of accurate and consistent financial management.

passFINANCE is the market leader in providing solutions for better school finance management.

Why passFINANCE is the complete school finance package

With so many different financial elements, data-sources and reporting requirements to take into consideration, you need a financial management solution that is crammed with market leading features and benefits.

passFINANCE offers:

One single view

For a start passFINANCE software delivers one single view of your school’s finances. So you’ll avoid the stress of duplication, confusion, balancing multiple systems, and you’ll save time too.

Easy to integrate

For smooth, simple and uninterrupted working, passFINANCE integrates easily with Microsoft Office products. You can add even more functionality by integrating with other brands of software right across your school for payslips, document management and more.

Easy billing

With passFINANCE you can send professional looking bills to parents, and streamline billing and cash collection – making light work of bringing in the funds. Also take billing one step further with fast and secure online payments.

Paying the people that matter

Independent school payroll processes differ from other sectors, so we’ve come up with a solution that meets your needs. Most importantly, our payroll software has been fully tested and recognised by HMRC and incorporates features such as Teachers’ Pension returns and automatic enrolment.


passFINANCE software offers great benefits for HR professionals looking for insights into compliance, payroll or the staff database. It also helps to maintain the Single Central Register - crucial for protecting the reputation of your school and obtaining ‘Outstanding’ from your inspecting body.

Grant management

Your team will work smarter with passFINANCE, efficiently processing grants or bursary applications, helping to reduce workload and maintain charitable status.

School finance reporting

Combine powerful nominal ledger and bank reconciliation handling with easy to manipulate management reporting.

Stay on top of purchase ledger

Hundreds of suppliers and invoices? Keep track, analyse and process them quickly and accurately with passFINANCE.

Order processing

As a school there’s so much you need to buy – keep on top of your spending with our disciplined purchase order management software.

Further automate your processes with WCBS PRS (Purchase Requisition System), developed in partnership with passFINANCE customers. Read more here.

Making sense of sales ledger

If your school manages commercial initiatives, our sales ledger module helps make sense of sales with powerful analysis and reporting.

School shop

Run independently or integrated with our billing module our school finance software will improve your school shop billings process. Easily maintain stock records and manage margins, and combine with point-of-sale items to provide a complete retail solution.

Making outstanding software for managing your school is what we’re good at, and we’ll provide the platform and support you need for more efficient and effective financial control.

It’s no wonder hundreds of schools have made WCBS their first choice.

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