School information integration can be tricky but we’ve got it covered

Just how many systems does your school use? Integrating school processes, information and communication across departments, sites and systems can be a real challenge. That’s why integration has been a top priority for us in recent years. We understand you want everything to work together seamlessly and just need fast access to school information regardless of what it is, where it is and the format it’s in. So it’s time to say goodbye to disparate systems across schools and get joined up with WCBS – it’s our quest to make simple working practices a reality.

How we improve school information integration

Find out how WCBS can improve the way your school functions by eliminating clunky access rights and processes.

See the benefits:

Single sign-on

Forget about multiple log-ins and trying to remember where all your information is stored. With our single sign on finding what you are looking for is quick, easy and far less frustrating.

Standalone software – a thing of the past

We’ll bring everything together for you in one single database

Maximise efficiency by minimising duplication

Use our API to integrate your software systems. We’ll help your staff get back on track and working without frustrating duplication. As information is updated in your MIS, this is then automatically reflected in your valuable third party systems.

Partner Programme

Our Partner Programme launched in April 2019, click the button below to see which third party systems are currently integrating with the WCBS product suite.

Partner Programme

Harness the benefits of fully integrating all your systems

Looking for the right information at your fingertips in seconds? Productive and motivated staff, well informed parents, stress-free cash flow, fantastic reporting and analysis? You’re in the right place with easy access to multiple data sources from one place.

Make it bespoke

We can work directly with your school to perform bespoke integration of other third party applications that you might need to use.

Safe and secure

Your school information is in safe hands with WCBS – we’ll integrate with other systems, safely.

Bringing all your school’s information sources together can have a huge positive impact. We’re constantly evolving this part of our business, so you can count on us to get this essential integration right first time.

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