WCBS joins Liam Fox MP in supporting UK innovation and trade with China at a monumental global expo in Shanghai.

Last week a multi-industry, global trade event took place in Shanghai, CIIE (China International Import Expo) the world’s first import expo held at national level. WCBS was privileged to be among 50+ UK businesses on show, and with the UK being named a “Country of Honour” this was a major opportunity for us all.

The opening ceremony took place on Monday 5th November with China’s President Xi Jinping delivering the keynote speech and touring with foreign leaders around the Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment. You can read his inspiring words here.

Emma Goodwin, CEO and Ian Adams, Senior Consultant for the Far East & Asia, represented WCBS at the expo. Ian said, “the scale of the event is difficult to describe, but a dual carriageway plus expansive pavements were all closed off for pedestrian queue management.” It was quite an experience for them both, as well as many other companies from around the world.

Dr Liam Fox MP & Secretary of State for International Trade visited while we were on show. He spoke with Emma and Principal of HIKSVS, Andrew Hurst. Dr Fox is a great champion for innovative UK technology, and we were fortunate to have him lead the delegation at CIIE. He spoke with The Sunday Express prior to the event, which you can read here.

WCBS showcased our Management Information Systems (MIS) at the UK Pavilion alongside businesses such as HSBC, University of Buckingham, GSK, Premier League, British Airways and Jaguar Land Rover.

“Our work in China emerged with support and encouragement from the Department for International Trade, and China Britain Business Council, when we became the first vendor to have a bilingual MIS and break into the international and bilingual schools’ market” said Emma. “Our new partnership with the HIK Group will enable us to work with local insight, resources and knowledge so that we can evolve from a bilingual, culturally adapted product to a product truly suited to the China environment.”