How school leaders can develop their critical mindset to be a useful tool to overcome today’s economic challenges – discussion and Q&A with industry experts.

8 November 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Increasing pupil enrolment is the surest way to increase a school’s revenue and improve their finances as the cost of living crisis looms.

IAPS and WCBS have worked together to organise this free webinar with industry experts, to help leaders of Prep Schools develop their admissions strategies to best suit their needs, especially during the economic climate we’re all experiencing.

Join the expert panel chaired by Mark Brotherton, Director of Education Services at IAPS, who will first look at key considerations Prep School leaders can and should be asking of their admissions and marketing teams. This will help attendees to better understand their starting point, what they’re doing well, and where there is room for improvement. They’ll then be able to have more knowledgeable discussions with their teams, as well as understand where they need to look for weak points.

After this, they’ll be diving into how this critical mindset can be the most useful tool in a School’s armoury to overcome the challenges presented by the tricky climate ahead. With newly gleaned insights, new strategies can be implemented to retain and recruit more pupils.

There will also be the opportunity to find out about HUBadmissions, the scalable student recruitment and admissions CRM that will operate the end-to-end applicant journey online, and special discounts will be offered to all those who attend who then choose this system for their school.

Key points that will be covered include:

  • The current climate and how Prep Schools may be effected
  • Considerations every Prep School needs to be asking themselves
  • Activating a critical mindset to prepare for the next challenge
  • Growing and nurturing loyalty among existing parents
  • Optimising admissions processes to increase enrolment
  • Putting your marketing budget to best use.

The webinar will conclude with a Q & A session with the expert panel:

  • Mark Brotherton, IAPS (Chair)
    • Mark provides educational support to schools and initiates educational research and development within IAPS. He is responsible for the Courses and Conferences programme and also oversees our comprehensive sports programme. Mark also works with other educational bodies to promote the interests of Prep Schools.
  • Marcus Culverwell, Head Teacher at Reigate St. Mary’s
    • Marcus has been the Head Teacher at Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory and Choir School since 2005. He says that at Reigate St Mary’s they aim to produce confident, resilient and creative young people who will one day become leaders who care deeply about a sustainable and equitable future for everyone. Believing young people can be change makers in whatever walk of life they end up in, is our core business. We want them to believe in themselves and think big.
  • Emily Richards, Founder & Director at The Stickman Consultancy
    • Emily is Founder and Director of The Stickman Consultancy, which offers fresh, powerful and no-nonsense marketing consultancy and training focussed on pupil recruitment and pupil retention. As both a parent and professional, Emily adores the education sector. She is passionate about keeping schools alive and thriving as she believes schools have the power to change lives and shape futures. Across the last 9 years, Stickman’s specialist support, has helped to generate over £4.4m for schools in additional pupil fees.
  • Stephen Bilboe, CEO at WCBS
    • Stephen is passionate about using technology to support schools in delivering an outstanding education. With over ten years’ experience in EdTech he is currently the CEO of WCBS. Prior to joining WCBS, Stephen spent 3 years in Kenya running a DFID funded project, called iMlango where they set out to improve education outcomes in Maths, Literacy and Life Skills for 285,000 children, in 245 schools by delivering access to digital education services and content.

WCBS will be If you are a Prep School Leader looking to improve admissions within your school, this webinar will give you some valuable insights. Book your place here.