Proactive Marketing and Admissions teams in independent schools review their current strategies to ensure it is maximising resources and funds to fulfil enrolment numbers.

But it can be difficult and time-consuming to evaluate where to tweak and update budgets without clear data on what has been achieved.

Use ground-breaking software for free

HUBadmissions is our latest admissions CRM developed by WCBS exclusively for Independent Schools.

Our software professionally manages the entire application journey, from enquiry to enrolment all in one place, making your school stand out from the crowd with a simple, streamlined, and tailored admissions process.

Trials have rarely before been possible in EdTech due to the nature of the older technology on which the platforms are built. With this next generation technology, we can create multiple realms, so anyone can get their hands on the software to try before they buy, removing any possible risk to the school.

Now schools can explore HUBadmissions in their unique realm, for two weeks, free, with no obligation. They can be as hands-on or hands-off as they like, to find out exactly in what areas the software can transform the Admissions and Marketing Department.

The trial comes with a workbook full of exclusive content not just from us but our partners Stickman Marketing Consultancy and Kampus24. Full of content to help you evaluate your existing admissions strategy.

The strength of HUBadmissions

Most parents are like most of us – strapped for time and now expecting even more from the digital age.

With HUBadmissions, independent schools can instantly show on their websites how easy their application process is, and so dispelling parents’ expectation that it is a time consuming, complex process – it can be done at a time to suit them, without having to wait for responses by phone or email.

Parents and staff can be notified, and reply to, enquiries and responses in real-time, communicating directly through the inbuilt, secure chat functionality.

First drop-off point eliminated!

HUBadmissions gives the whole process a smooth, intuitive route for parents to follow, and admissions staff are able to track the progress.

Applicants can self-serve, book attendance at events, upload documents, and make payments securely; your admissions and marketing teams can focus on their enrolment targets and reduce time spent on administration.

And not only can you add data and run sensible reports with just a click or tap, you can also straight away contact those who’ve attended events and lead them to your own easy-to-navigate enquiry, application and enrolment portal, all in one place.

Stephen Bilboe, CEO of WCBS, says:

We are thinking about admissions differently than others. We don’t think about it as an additional module, but instead consider it a full CRM system that will support schools all the way from enquiry to enrolment. The solution provides a data driven strategy, that allows for a personal touch (no, the two are not mutually exclusive!), in order to convert as many enquiries into enrolled pupils as possible.

For me, the best thing about this technology is that we are able to take the risk out of the buying process for our schools with this free trial journey. We’re able to give each of our customers their own demo realm, allowing hands-on live access, before any decisions are made.

HUBadmissions can constantly evolve due to its cloud native platform and agile approach to development. Latest additions include a feature that allows Admissions staff to create and manage tasks they need to carry out in support of their day-to-day activity, manage event bookings such as open days, interviews, meetings and assessments, and offer 24/7 tracking of activity to quickly appraise the progress of an application.

Take this opportunity to find out how HUBadmissions will work for your school.

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If you would like to talk about moving to the cloud in 2023 contact your Customer Account Manager.