HUBadmissions ipad

Make sure you’re getting the best ROI

With costs rising, schools want to keep tabs on just about everything, including Open Days. Can you easily track how successful yours are?

With the best software, not only can you add data and run sensible reports with just a click or tap, you can also straight away contact those who’ve attended and lead them to your own easy-to-navigate enquiry, application and enrolment portal, all in one place.

Busy parents will notice who is standing out from the crowd

Most parents are strapped for time and now expect even more from the digital age, so schools that provide a modern admissions process stand out from the crowd.

Enabling them to move through all the important stages when they’re on the go and can only find a spare 10 minutes at any time – especially after attending an Open Day while everything’s fresh in their minds – will mean you can respond more quickly, resulting in fewer dropouts and a speedier applicant turnaround.

HUBadmissions has it all!

With HUBadmissions, parents and staff can be notified and reply to enquiries and responses in real-time, communicating directly through the inbuilt, secure chat functionality.

Applicants can self-serve, book attendance at events, upload documents, and make payments securely; your admissions and marketing teams can focus on their enrolment targets and reduce time spent on administration.


About WCBS

The HUB product range is the most technologically advanced software for International Schools, having received almost £10m in investment.

With the first of the range, HUBmis, successfully launching in 2020 (shortly followed by HUBadmissions and soon to be joined by HUBincome) HUB is bringing Independent and International Schools the User Experience, Technology and Security they deserve, across the three core areas of MIS, Finance and Admissions.

HUB is available across the globe on any device with an internet connection, and is currently available in English, Arabic and Mandarin with more language expansion on the cards for the future.

For more information or to book a demo, please email