Fee collection is one of the most important tasks in every independent school.

Standing at an average of £15000 pa per child, timely collection underpins the whole budget so is the rock on which schools stand.

Making it as easy as possible undoubtedly helps parents and guardians to pay on time, and having an economical system to manage late payments informs the payee in a timely manner before more drastic measures have to be taken. This lightens the load on your staff, and helps to prevent cash flow implications for the school.

And, if you can find a solution that helps to combat the rise in school fee-targeted cyber-crime, all the better.

Save hours of headache and millions in fees

Fee collection and the reconciliation process can now be automated with HUBpay, a solution that integrates with passFINANCE and is built into HUBincome.

HUBpay school fee collection

“Gary and Ben have guided us expertly through the set up process and worked with us to accommodate our particular billing methods, so that the on boarding has been fairly straightforward.

It was important to us to have a system which does not need yet another log on – this is a simple link that takes the parent direct to the payment method and it seems to be going down well with our parents e.g.

The best online payment system I’ve seen with scanning the QR code and then going straight to my phone banking app and it just doing it. Incredible!”

Built on the latest cloud technology, HUBpay is an integrated payment and automated reconciliation service, and with its primary focus of mitigating the risk of fraud, it adopts the highest cloud security standards and world-class technology infrastructure.

What does this mean?

With Automation tools you can reclaim hours by automating bill matching, payment chasing, and more.

Enhanced security means you will enjoy fraud prevention tools and fund safeguarding.

Analytics and reporting tools allow you to go into detail and create reports on all areas of income analytics.

With HUBpay you can:

  • Take control of your payment data
  • Automatically chase late payments
  • Give refunds
  • Create and export SLT reports
  • See paid & unpaid invoices by integrating billing systems
  • Making fee collection easy for schools and parents
HUBpay total income
HUBpay outstanding
HUBpay query
HUBpay-how it works

How it works for parents

  • Receive invoice from school.
  • Click on the HUBpay link
  • Choose your preferred payment method and currency
  • Receive an on-screen confirmation and email receipt

How it works for schools

  • Connect to passFINANCE
  • Send out bills and collect payments
  • Payments are automatically matched to the bills
  • View analytics and create reports
direct debit option

Choose from a variety of cost-effective payment methods

HUBpay has been specifically built to make the local and overseas fee collection process as easy as possible. You can collect internationally just like a local without the fees.

International Payments: collect from across the world in 39 currencies. Offer a cost effective international payment method with bank beating FX rates, saving parents from inflated fees.

Instant Payments: instant payments are powered by open banking. Bank-to-Bank payments are con-firmed and transferred instantly, which means better visibility for the school and your parents.

Card Payments: reduce late payments with a recognised and secure payment experience.

More digital schools now in the cloud!

In 2022 we moved more of you to our cloud platform PASS-hosted. This solution is our much-loved comprehensive finance solution passFINANCE, but in the cloud!

If you would like to talk about moving to the cloud in 2023 contact your Customer Account Manager.

Summing up

By investing in the right technology, schools can offer parents a variety of secure payment methods that save time and costs in the Bursar’s office, staff gain back time to spend on building relationships, and cash flow problems can be reduced to a minimum.

Contact us for detailed information on HUBpay will work for your school.