Technology is constantly changing and adapting. With huge advances in what can be created we all have higher standards for what we expect from products and systems we use in our daily routines.

WCBS has been in the EdTech market for nearly 38 years and in that time we have seen such a change to technology in general, but how EdTech specifically for the needs of Independent Schools hasn’t developed as much.

We wanted to change EdTech development

With any new and innovative product, however, there is what can be considered a risk factor: will it do the job it’s supposed to… and without breaking! There are those that want to jump on it as soon as it’s launched, so they can be one of the first. Then, there are those who are the opposite, who wait for everyone else to try it, so that the risk is removed and they adopt a tried and tested product.

There is nothing new about this; it doesn’t just relate to technology.

Way back in 1957, agricultural researchers Bohlen, Beal and Rogers published a Special Report which referred to the psychographic (demographic and psychological) profiles of each adoption group, regarding its application to agriculture and home economics.

From Innovators to Laggards

The adoption curve can be adapted for use within the EdTech sector. The Curve demonstrates the life cycle of adoption of high-tech products. Consisting of five stages, each is described as follows:

Innovators are the ones who take the risk within the market. They are the first to try, willing to risk all these decisions. One needs to be in love with product and its innovative features, as you have to believe that change will help with its success, as you do not have loyal customers yet supporting the new product.

Early Adopters follow in the footsteps of Innovators. This group is willing to try a new product at the beginning. They’re more aware about the product they’re trying.

Early Majority is interested in the new technology but want proof of its effectiveness. Those in this group want to get onboard but want some assurances, therefore they will follow in the footsteps of Innovators and Early adopters but are late to market in comparison.

Late Majority want to use a product that it established and recognised. A reason for this is to decrease the risk for them and thus the customer.

Laggards are the last category containing people who are wary of new technology, and are reserved about changing. This is where many EdTech providers fall as they have established technology which works perfectly well so they don’t want to take the risk of changing their products.

WCBS adoption curve

Technology at the beginning of the curve

There are some giant tech names which we use every day which have been at the beginning of the curve for their product or service, and many continue to lead the way in their respective tech fields.

Examples of these are:

• Spotify

• Tesla

• Netflix

• Amazon

• Apple

• Instagram

• Whatsapp

From an EdTech perspective, it is apparent that providers have been slow to adopt new technology available in order to get the best products to end users, unlike in the other industries listed above.

They have chosen to build on top of old tech, instead of developing new and becoming innovators, shying away from taking the higher risks even though there should be a better outcome for customers.

However, WCBS has changed this. That’s why our HUB products are at the beginning of the curve.

Benefits of being at the front of the curve

Does this mean that our customers are taking a risk being an innovator?

The EdTech market can well and truly be classified as established, but with multiple businesses offering different products or services, providers should not (a) still be building on old tech instead of investing in new and (b) skewing towards the majority, inevitably state schools’ market, rather than the minority, independent schools’ needs.

Because we have built HUB from the ground up, we’ve been able to take the risk out of investing in our products by offering free trials of our new tech. Independent schools now can try before they buy, and make sure they are at the front of the curve for absolutely ZERO RISK.

WCBS knows of course that leaders of independent schools are well versed in what tech has to offer in the wider world and are right to expect it for their professional use. This is why we really look forward to them discovering for themselves how innovative our cloud native products are, then welcoming them as our customers


HUBadmissions is our next generation, cloud native Admissions solution, and schools are welcome to apply for the free trial we are offering. For more information visit our website or phone +44 (0)1458 833 344.