Key Stage Two teacher turns to training adults in the EdTech world

After gaining a Ba(Hons) in both English and Creative Writing, Chris began his career as a Teaching Assistant and worked his way to becoming a teacher, receiving his PGCE along the way. He’s taught every age group from nursery through to Year Six, enjoying Key Stage Two the most, but left teaching when he and his wife moved to Bristol to start a family and a career change was needed.

This is when he started his journey into EdTech, first in sales and then moving into training, teacher development and project management.

Chris joined WCBS in September 2022 as an Implementation Consultant and instantly fell in love with the company and the culture.

“The Implementations Team has been so welcoming and I felt part of the team right away.”

A typical day for Chris involves speaking with school leaders from around the world to help them get the most out of WCBS products. He normally has training sessions, either online or on-site. When not managing projects he’s creating video resources for the WCBS Academy, helping out our schools with queries, delivering internal training or working with the implementations team to work out how best to help our clients.

He says that the feeling of satisfaction he gets from seeing clients successfully implementing WCBS products and feedback from happy customers is always the highlight of his day!

In his spare time Chris plays competitive disc golf. He fell in love with the sport when looking for a new lockdown hobby, but quickly realised he had a knack for it.

A cross between regular golf and ultimate frisbee, players compete to get discs into the specialist baskets in the fewest strokes. He spends many of his weekends competing in tournaments, plays weekly in the Bristol Disc Golf League and is currently teaching both his wife and four year old son the game too.

Also, Chris has been a singer and a guitarist with five different bands, ranging from Ska Punk to heavy metal, and he’s always got a plectrum on his person, just in case No.6 is lurking round the corner….

Don’t leave home without…

Chris never leaves home without his discs – you never know when there might be an opportunity to practice!

And thanks to many years teaching young kids, he has nearly endless patience, but no doubt his family are naturals just like he is!

To find out more about HUBmis, the product Chris knows so well, visit this page or contact us on +44 (0)1458 833 344.

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