We have welcomed a valuable addition to our team in the form of Dan Pauley, who joined us as the new Regional Sales Manager for The Middle East and Africa. Dan brings a wealth of experience to the role, and we can’t wait for Dan to make his mark on the EdTech world.

Dan is joining the team to support our customers in the Middle East and Africa region with any queries and provide the gold-standard support they deserve.

Lets get to know Dan:

“I worked as a PE Specialist for 10 years, both with Primary and Secondary. In this time, I created a PE curriculum for partner schools to follow, including online assessment via Excel. Worked with the SLT to ensure the PE department was where they needed for a physical education provision and achieved an Outstanding grade for this.

I then moved from working in a school to working with schools through education software solutions. I was a UK Account Manager for over 600 customers supporting and providing new solutions to the UK state sector. This ranged from Financial systems, HR, MIS or smaller areas such as parental engagement. I believe my school’s always valued my opinion; I had first hand experience and understanding of the challenges a school meets.

After this I relocated to the Middle East, working as an international education consultant for the Independent sector out here, where I supported schools with their onboarding and choices with software solutions.

Then, in April 2024, I joined WCBS. The company have a clear plan on how to future proof schools with the HUB solutions and I’m very excited to be part of the journey.”

Life in Dubai:

“After the pandemic in December 2022, just in time for the New Year, my partner and I decided we would like to move to another country. We chose the UAE, as we both had job opportunities within the education sector.

The UAE have a vision for future prepping the nation, from having a ski slope in the desert, to introducing flying taxis in 2026. Dubai is the centre point for this and I am excited to see how this impacts my growth as well as our schools.”

Initial thoughts of HUBmis:

“Due to WCBS creating HUB from scratch, the platform uses the modern-day technology we are used to in our daily lives. It is so user friendly, meaning upskilling staff, or in my case new members of the team is super easy. My favourite feature is the admissions system, allowing parents to follow check lists directly from the admissions portal. This means the parents are fully aware of each stage of the process independently.”

Setting goals for success:

Reflecting on his first few weeks at WCBS, Dan has been proactive in setting ambitious goals.

“When I started I had 2 goals. To learn how I can show off all the benefits and stand-out features of HUBmis and HUBadmissions in one 20-minute demo. But you can’t the truth is you can’t. There’s just too much good stuff in there to show you it all in 20 minutes, but what I can do is show you the specific benefits that will save you time in your daily school life, for your role. If I can learn it in under a week anyone can!

My second goal was to get out and visit some of our customers in the region. This one isn’t my fault. The flooding in Dubai just hasn’t let me leave my home, but I have enjoyed meeting some of you virtually and look forward to seeing the rest of you at your rescheduled meetings.

Beyond the office:

“I am an exercise geek, so sport is my biggest go to, alongside food and travelling. Over the past 2 years I have run a 10k for charity, taken up a new sport with Padel and managed to travel various parts of the Eastern part of the world, most recently Sri Lanka.”

Dan is always happy to visit schools within the Middle East region, to assist with anything they need and ensure they get the most from their SIS and Admissions systems

If you would like to learn more about WCBS and our solutions you can schedule a meeting with Dan here.