As the global provider of school management solutions for Independent and International Schools, we are proud to announce the forthcoming releases rolling out in HUB in advance of the 2023/2024 academic year.

Since its ground-breaking launch in 2020, HUBmis has garnered acclaim from Independent and International schools worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, WCBS has diligently worked on enhancing the software’s functionality and user experience.

The upcoming release showcases an array of exciting features and modules that will further empower schools with unparalleled flexibility, streamlined operations, and seamless data integration.

Let’s delve into the new additions that are set to enhance the education landscape for HUB users.

Updated School Reports

One of the highlights is the revamped School Reports module. Schools will now have more freedom in creating and configuring their own reports, allowing them to tailor the information according to their unique requirements. This enhanced flexibility empowers educators to deliver comprehensive and personalised feedback to students and parents, fostering a more engaging and productive learning environment.

Improved Attendance

The attendance module will also see a transformation, boasting an improved user interface and enhanced functionality. Administrators will now enjoy an even more intuitive experience while tracking attendance data. With the updated module, schools can better manage attendance records.

More Medical Functionality

Recognising the critical importance of student health and wellbeing, and through listening to user feedback, WCBS has increased the medical functionality within HUBmis, and there will be more to come in the same area soon. The latest update introduces the ability to report on specific Medical Conditions, enabling schools to monitor and support students with ongoing conditions as well as standalone events.

Enhanced Cover Options

No school is ever free from staffing challenges, and so WCBS has transformed the cover module. Now, schools can effortlessly record staff absence and instantly identify cover requirements. With a few clicks, administrators can request suitable teachers to provide cover, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences for students and minimising disruptions to the academic calendar.

Further integrations now possible

MS 365 and Google

Emphasising the importance of seamless data integration, WCBS has integrated HUBmis with popular productivity suites, MS 365 and Google. This integration enables schools to seamlessly synchronise data from their MIS to their LMS. HUB Schools can bid farewell to manual data transfers and embrace a more efficient and connected workflow, saving valuable time and resources.

HUBadmissions and iSAMS

HUB users will be thrilled to learn about the integration of HUBadmissions with iSAMS. This allows users to effortlessly extract new student records into iSAMS via API. Additionally, HUBadmissions’ form builder functions have been enhanced with features such as document uploads and custom fields, simplifying the admissions process and ensuring a smooth transition for incoming students.

HUBadmissions log circle

Dedicated to next gen EdTech for Independent & International Schools

The benefits of these innovative features and modules will positively impact customer schools in numerous ways. Administrators will experience enhanced efficiency, reduced administrative burden, and increased flexibility, empowering them to focus on what truly matters: providing exceptional education and fostering the growth and development of their students.

WCBS remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of EdTech, and investing in developing next generation cloud native technology that has been specifically developed for Independent and International Schools. The upcoming additions to HUBmis further raise the bar for MIS as it continues to redefine the possibilities for EdTech solutions worldwide.

“We are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our revolutionary HUB platform,” said Stephen Bilboe, CEO at WCBS. “These updates underscore our unwavering commitment to empowering schools with cutting-edge technology and seamless integration. With our ever-growing range of features and beautiful UX and UI, schools can streamline their operations and elevate the educational experience for their pupils.”

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