Is your School being forced into a different contract?

You may have read in recent news and forums that ESS SIMS is forcing its schools into renewing contracts for three years. In addition, promised developments don’t appear to have come to fruition and it seems they may now be offering a Remote Desk Protocol (RDP) as a cloud solution.

SIMS Schools should seize this opportunity

No one likes to feel forced into making a change but more often than not we look back on these time as being the start of an opportunity to change for the better.

The way we see it, if your software is good enough, at a reasonable price, then you will stick with the provider without being forced. Frankly, the only real reason a SaaS company would play this controversial card is to buy themselves some time.

Time is also what your school would lose by locking itself into staying with SIMS for 3 years. 1095 days is a long time in the world of technology: great advancements can be made in this period, but you wouldn’t even be able to consider implementing a software that makes use of them until your contract ends.

Right now HUBmis, the next generation cloud-native MIS, is available for Independent Schools- it will revolutionise administrative tasks at your school, whilst increasing security and saving you money.

Don’t get stuck with old technology- feel free with HUBmis

HUBmis is the only Cloud Native MIS built specifically for Independent Schools. This technology improves security, makes the software a joy to use, and means updates happen automatically in the background.

Annual Renewable Licence

We are so confident you will love HUBmis we don’t need to tie you into a fixed term contract. Annual renewable licences are available, so you can cancel should you want to.

Optional 3 Years Fixed Cost

WCBS continues to offer a 3 year contract for those schools that wish to remain on a fixed rate. It gives piece of mind when budgeting, but is completely optional.


Ready to begin your journey to the future of MIS?