The termly newsletter includes partner news, upcoming events, spotlight on staff and product news

The Password was emailed out to our customers before the end of term and we are delighted to share on the front page some of the comments from our HUBmis Early Adopters.

Inside this issue we’ve taken a look back at our journey so far from when the company was founded in 1984, and now the road ahead as we invest for the long term in technology to bring cloud native, next generation solutions exclusively to independent and international schools.

Spotlight on events: there is a full and varied selection of free webinars, training events and our ever-popular Sessions with Experts, complete with links to booking forms.

Product updates include a round-up of the latest release, a must-read article about savings with the self-service HR solution, plus a hint at what’s coming next in our cloud native offerings.

Partner news this term is from InVentry who explain how their products work with WCBS, enabling a state-of-the-art sign in system with a full read and write-back integration with your MIS for staff, visitor and pupil management across the UK.

Blog highlights: There is something for everyone this term, with titles as diverse as “The Future of MIS for Independent Schools”, “Is your Bursary ready for the end of tax year?” and “How much can you save by implementing a self-service HR solution?”

Get to know WCBS: Two of our younger staff members have stepped into the limelight for this issue; Josh, who some of you may know from the Helpdesk has recently moved to a different department, and the newest person in support, Mabell.

Competition time: This issue we’ve got you searching for words, with the help of a few clues. If you manage to find them all let us know and you may well get one of our ecoffee cups for your trouble. Closing date for entries 23rd April 2021.

If you are a customer who hasn’t yet seen The Password, you can download it from the Notices section of the Customer Centre dashboard here