The latest news on passFINANCE, the power of data and API, finance system audits, HUB Assessments, Medical and Cover updates, Get to Know a couple more of our colleagues and not forgetting the competition!

Front page of Issue 23 explains that passFINANCE has been around so long because of its solid values and innovative development, and why WCBS is trusted by so many Independent schools to process more than £2.16 billion in school fees each year.

Product news: there’s a feature about embracing the power of your data through using cloud native MIS like HUBmis, built on a read and write API, brand new Finance System Audit service from our consultants, and the latest HUB releases in the agile environment.

Get to know our Senior Full Stack Developer and Implementation Consultant

Blog highlights: we dedicate a page for a quick overview of what we’ve published over the past term.

Competition time: Spot the Difference! The first correct entry drawn from the hat wins a £20 Amazon voucher. Prizes for 2nd and 3rd. Competition closes 28th July 2023. Meg has been a bit tricky with a couple of the differences! Open to WCBS customers only.

This term’s conferences are highlighted in The Password – we went to Bristol, London and Manchester, catching up with our customers.

If you are a customer who hasn’t yet seen The Password, you can download it from the Notices section of the Customer Centre dashboard here