WCBS partner TimeTabler shares helpful information to support schools as they plan to reopen whilst adhering to social distancing rules.

With the possibility of a phased reopening of some schools from 1st June, and the proposal to reduce class sizes to 15 in order to ensure social distancing can be maintained, many schools will face challenges in managing their class allocations and timetabling over the remainder of the current academic year and potentially into next year.

We provide a range of tools within our MIS, 3sysACADEMIC, that allows schools to implement those changes and we work with many third-party systems that can assist with the planning, including the very popular TimeTabler by Keith Johnson (www.timetabler.com).

We are pleased to share a useful working document created by our friends at TimeTabler where they discuss immediate problems and possible solutions, including how to develop a suitable new timetable if necessary.

Click here to read the current version of the paper by TimeTabler.

If you have any questions about 3sysACADEMIC, or any of our other systems, please get in touch.