Keep the software you love and still meet cloud objectives

We all now understand ‘the cloud’ is making software safer, more convenient and less trouble to update, in our personal and professional worlds. Now, IT specialists across the globe are advising businesses, including schools, to make it a top priority to move wherever possible.

Most of us understand the benefits, from saving money and time to increasing security; cutting down on servers and storage to enjoying easy access anywhere via an internet connection.

But did you know this and more is available to passFINANCE users?

No impact on functionality or speciality of passFINANCE in the cloud

passFINANCE, with its myriad of modules built is a well established, trusted and powerful finance solution. It was designed solely for fee-paying schools, delivering one single view of a school’s finances. It’s used by almost half of all ISBA Schools due to its unparalleled billing power and functionality.

PASS-hosted allows IT Teams to meet their cloud objectives, without impacting the finance team.

Utilise enhancements to a familiar system

Schools can avoid having to retrain staff on new systems, and will benefit from a more secure solution. They continue to use the passFINANCE modules they’ve become accustomed to, from Nominal and Billing, through to Payroll, Sales and Ledger.

Schools will also gain from savings made by having fewer Microsoft licences and on-premise servers, and from updates occurring automatically to ensure the latest software is in place.

How PASS-hosted protects your school:

No need to compromise

We migrate you to the cloud, and then staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time, helping a school to stay on top of routines and in touch with the whole community.

When you are ready to meet your cloud objectives, contact us for a personalised plan, and information on a special 6 for 5 offer available until 31 January 2023.