WCBS and SchoolBase from Furlong have a lot in common: we’ve both been around for more than 30 years, we are two of just a handful of software providers that specialise in creating software for Independent Schools, and we both want the absolute best for our customers.

HUBmis was launched in 2020. Built on a read and write API it allows schools to choose best in breed software, and that means it can integrate with solutions from other MIS providers too. We don’t want your EdTech choices to be restricted by your MIS, but instead we allow you to choose the exact solutions that will take your school to the next level.

With a shared goal of making life easier for Independent Schools, WCBS and Furlong have joined forces, working together on integrating our products and allowing users to make the most of solutions from both providers, whilst only updating one main database.

We want our customers to know that our focus is on them, and we will do whatever we can to ensure you have your first choices when it comes to EdTech Integrations and enabling your school to take the next step in technological advancements.

In a recent blog, SchoolBase from Furlong said “We believe that schools have recognised that embracing technology is the way forward to deal with the challenges that they are facing” and we couldn’t agree more. Schools are realising they should not have to settle for frustrating software that “just does the job” but instead are demanding the best of breed software they need, which will support them in every part of school life.

This WCBS and Furlong Partnership works to enhance these goals and bring more choice to both sets of customers, removing the need for compromise.

Get in touch if you are either a Furlong or WCBS customer, and would like to know more about the other.