We all know how vital EdTech has been during the Covid lockdowns. Without it, it would have been impossible to adjust to remote learning and teaching. Can you imagine trying to run a class via email? Or through the post?

Dedicated online teaching platforms enabled us to teach live, to share work, to track progress, to plan lessons and – most importantly of all – to maintain strong school communities. Online portals have kept teachers, students, and the wider community connected. They have supported the education sector through one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced – and they’ve been key to our success.

So, we are very excited to be partnering with one of the most sophisticated and dynamic online education platforms out there – Kinteract.

Who are Kinteract?

Kinteract provides an intuitive and flexible digital learning environment that can replace a plethora of apps, that schools may have been using, into one easy to use package. Whilst a lot of EdTech focuses on a particular aspect – live teaching, for example, or lesson planning – Kinteract integrates everything you will need into one ‘value for money’ package.

Kinteract’s features include:

  • Detailed and well-evidenced personal learning journeys. Kinteract’s progress trackers allow teachers and students to log achievements and setbacks of any kind. Over time, it spots patterns and makes intelligent next-step recommendations. It also helps to easily create reports and evidence learning – which will be a huge help for anyone working with the new teacher-assessed GCSE system.
  • Automated workflows. Teachers can schedule lessons and activities as far in advance as they need, enabling them to put their energy into what they do best: teaching.
  • Real-time and ongoing communication. Kinteract facilitates communication at every step. Whether it’s real-time chatting and video-conferencing, or other forms of messaging, Kinteract makes it easy for teachers, learners, parents, and other stakeholders to build a supportive, communicative learning community.
  • Gives data-driven insights. The more you use Kinteract, the better it gets. This is because it uses sophisticated AI technology that learns and improves with every piece of data you give it. It can deliver actionable insights and intelligent recommendations that improve the learning experience for everyone
  • Allows easy access to millions of resources. Kinteract makes it simple to build and curate enormous content libraries. From educational videos to worksheets to entire textbooks – whatever your students need, you can integrate it with Kinteract.
  • Offers live, remote, and blended teaching. With the experience of remote learning and teaching there is the potential, post pandemic, for traditional methods of teaching to change allowing for more personalized learning to take place. A truly dynamic digital learning environment, like Kinteract, will allow schools to take advantage of the possibilities that can enhance their approach, while helping to reduce teacher workload and increase student involvement and engagement.

Now, with WCBS integration, schools will be able to manage all their administrative & HR tasks, and be further supported by integrating information through Kinteract, making the perfect one-stop solution for everything a school may need.

Sign up to Kinteract through WCBS and get a substantial discount

Jamie at Kinteract is excited about the partnership, saying

“We are thrilled to have partnered with WCBS. We’re both at the top of our game, providing the very best in educational technology. It makes sense to join forces and offer schools the ultimate solution for teaching, learning, information management, admin and more. We’re looking forward to giving schools all the educational technology support they need through this partnership.”

If you or your school are excited about what this new partnership can offer,
contact us today to organise a demo with Kinteract.