Corina Mishti’s resumé has qualities we at WCBS look for; a background in finance and accountancy, a love of sales and marketing, and, married to a Headteacher, she knows just how International Schools work.

Corina has dedicated herself to the education sector for more than two decades, and has had the privilege of collaborating with institutions to enhance their educational processes through innovative solutions. She values the importance of tailored approaches, and is committed to understanding the unique requirements of International Schools, and partnering with them to craft effective strategies that align with their vision.

Here she shares with us her journey to becoming our Regional Manager for Asia.

Before WCBS I worked for Pearson Education and Richmond Publishing. Then, I established an award-winning real estate company that prioritised personalised service to teachers and expats. I’ve always found it easy to work with teachers and educators. My father was a headteacher, my mother worked for the Ministry of Education, my sister is a teacher and finally I married a headteacher!

I’ve come to the role qualified as an accountant with a major in finances, and diplomas in marketing and sales; the latter I have found no end of benefit to help me communicate in my professional life to make sure I understand what our clients need.

I’ve joined with some very clear tasks and goals.

Asia expansion As we expand into Asia, our focus goes beyond mere growth – it’s about catalysing change. Our commitment to Education Technology (EdTech) aims to shape a brighter future for education across the region.

School Systems By enhancing information management, we’re enabling data-driven decisions that enhance the learning experience. Collaboration is key. We unite educational entities and organisations, sparking innovation and enduring change.

Admissions We’re simplifying the applicant journey, to help fill empty spaces and grow schools, and ensure a seamless experience for students and parents to keep them engaged, and ultimately enrolled! And the whole journey easily tracked by the admissions team.

Finance Our innovative tools streamline financial management, letting institutions focus on education, not administrative burdens.

I want to highlight that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill job. It’s more of a position that demands some extraordinary skills.

In my role, I am involved in promoting the development of EdTech in Asia. I focus on understanding the unique administrative profile and needs of each school with the aim of streamlining and enhancing their processes. Additionally, an integral part of my responsibilities is to facilitate training sessions on relevant technologies. I ensure that schools have a comprehensive understanding of how to use these tools to their fullest potential. Moreover, I provide ongoing support to ensure the smooth and effective use of these systems.

Picture having to handle tasks like these with some serious superpowers:

  • Hyper-speedreading. My clients know that I will answer quickly all their requests. I anticipate their needs before they even ask.
  • White-glove wizard: I find service opportunities and connections for greater good in any work project.
  • Super-hearing: My clients always feel heard – I uncover my clients’ unspoken needs.
  • Omni-engagement: Juggling tasks is an art. I can use my phone, my laptop, warm food in the microwave, deal with any type of coffee machine and participate in an online conference all simultaneously!

What I like most about my work

I like embracing the challenges that come with emerging tech industries. My excitement lies in offering schools valuable data without the burden of time-consuming information input. Instead, our proactive system acts as a streamlined and efficient tool.

It’s fascinating to delve into schools’ performances, understanding how they operate within diverse cultures and under varying regulations.

Growing up in a family of educators and dedicating my career to supporting schools, plus being married to an educator, brings me joy in saving educators’ time. Our software connects them seamlessly with their staff, students, and parents, all while simplifying processes.

Also, I enjoy working for a company with a proactive customer focus – WCBS, a company that cares deeply for its clients. WCBS understands client needs through ongoing dialogue, consistently exceeding expectations for enduring relationships and a caring reputation.

Where do I live?

I live in Suzhou, China (which is next to Shanghai), in the southeast of China.

Suzhou is a beautiful city often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’ due to its intricate network of canals. It is also famous for its classical gardens, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s very easy for me to be in close contact with International Schools, I can travel to visit, and in the same time zone means no delay in communication.

What characteristics do people admire about me?

Perseverance, resilience, creative problem solving – and I’m ready to put them to good use in my new role.

I’m looking forward to assisting schools in enhancing their educational systems, bringing positive transformations to their processes.

Corina is always happy to visit schools within the Asia region, to assist with anything they need and ensure they get the most from their SIS and Admissions systems.

If you would like to learn more about WCBS and our solutions you can schedule a meeting with Corina by emailing her here.