Is your admissions process simple and streamlined? Can parents easily request a prospectus, book a visit, contact your team or even proceed with an application?

Standing out from the crowd and attracting new pupils is more important than ever. Ensuring parents can conveniently get in touch with the admissions office and access information they need is vital.

In recent months, WCBS staff have welcomed the opportunity to talk about all things admissions. Below is an overview of what was delivered and some of the key messages that resonated with schools.

Early in the New Year, Academic Product Manager, Mark Maybury presented at The Bett Show alongside Emily Richards, Founder of The Stickman Consultancy. Their presentation addressed some of the admissions challenges faced by schools and covered how innovative marketing, streamlined processes and outstanding customer service can help overcome many of those obstacles.

Mark explains, “Giving the best first impression was one of the most significant messages of the presentation. Schools can gain so much from focussing on those initial touch points, which is why having the right admissions system is critical.

“How easy is it for a parent to engage with your school? Would your school benefit from being able to easily communicate with parents using tools such as an instant messenger? These were the types of questions we were asking the audience to reflect on. We wanted to emphasise how to create the wow and develop an edge over the competition.”

Fast forward to March and our new Sales and Marketing Director, Stephen Bilboe delivered a talk on ‘Effective Admissions’ to delegates at BESS Vietnam. He explored how the increasing number of international schools is creating a tough, competitive market and how admissions teams are crucial to a school’s sustainability.

According to ISC Research, 6000 international schools have opened since 2000.

Stephen commented, “Schools now recognise the need to stand out and differentiate themselves. With the number of international schools growing rapidly and information more widely available, the choice for parents is greater than ever. Creating that awareness and providing a digital solution that caters for different demographics and requirements is key.”

Our new solution, HUBapply manages the end-to-end admissions journey online from enquiry to enrolment. For more information, please email