Why do schools need API integration?

At WCBS we understand that every Independent and International School is unique. Schools shouldn’t be restricted when it comes to their EdTech solutions and that’s why we give you as much choice as possible when selecting the exact tech-stack you need.

Our products focus solely on three core areas: MIS, admissions and income.

For everything else, schools can have the benefit of API to use their favourite solutions within areas such as alumni or learning management, and take up new software when the need arises. This is because our platform is built on a read and write API, giving deeper integration with EdTech partners across the globe, covering a wide range of solutions.

Why is API important?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is part of the software that allows programs to talk to each other, sharing certain strictly pre-defined areas of data, that are commonly used. One of the most important uses of an API involves your WCBS software at the heart of your school, holding valuable information, to enable it to be accessed by solutions to save rekeying data which creates time-consuming tasks and risks user error.

HUB whole school community

Build your school’s customised technology ecosystem

Schools can confidently embrace the future of education technology, knowing you have the power to choose software that will best support your whole school community. The use of API in education enables schools to create a customised technology ecosystem that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

With seamless data flow, scalability, and collaboration at its core, the API-driven approach not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also promotes innovation, adaptability, and a thriving educational community.

We’ve developed our Partner Programme to give your school access to best of breed software solutions.

As schools expand, or new requirements emerge, connect school systems with API so you can seamlessly integrate additional applications or replace existing ones without disrupting the overall infrastructure. The flexibility of the API-driven approach allows you to adapt to changing technologies and educational trends, ensuring you remain agile and responsive to the evolving needs of students, staff, and parents.

Callout to schools: Do you use a software provider not shown above? Please do let us know.

Are you an EdTech provider? Get in touch to discuss the benefits of joining our Partner Programme.

WCBS remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of EdTech, and investing in developing next generation cloud native technology that has been specifically developed for Independent and International Schools. We continue to redefine the possibilities for EdTech solutions worldwide, as we have for the past 40 years.


Our customers can join us at our User Conference 2024 and help us celebrate 40 years of developing EdTech

We’re happy to announce we will be hosting another User Group Conference at Lord’s Cricket Ground. After the success of last year’s, we can’t wait to get back together again and what’s more, 2024 is our 40th birthday so what better way to celebrate than having a get-together !

You’ll have the opportunity to speak with our partners, participate in interactive workshops, and enjoy networking with other Independent and International School Leaders- all whilst taking in the impressive view of Lord’s Cricket Ground, with lunch and refreshments provided. You’ll also hear insights from industry leaders in Independent and International School Markets, and get an update on all things WCBS, including passFINANCE, 3sysACADEMIC, and our new HUB range.

WCBS customers can register here.