• Presentations & WCBS ‘guru’ highlight User Group meetings

    30/11/2018 13:29:58 | WCBS

    passFINANCE and 3sysACADEMIC customers meet up at latest events. We share your feedback plus comments from WCBS staff.

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  • China’s President welcomes global businesses at inaugural event

    14/11/2018 16:16:06 | WCBS

    WCBS joins Liam Fox MP in supporting UK innovation and trade with China at monumental global expo in Shanghai

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  • Customer feedback results in focus on content for latest product updates

    17/10/2018 12:23:00 | WCBS

    User Groups, Support Teams and Customer Account Managers utilised by customers to pass on useful information.

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  • Attendance at two big conferences yields WCBS team positive results

    09/10/2018 10:41:53 | WCBS

    Meetings at both IAPS and HMC conferences start the new academic year on the right foot

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  • Your Ultimate Application Journey is now available with HUBapply

    03/09/2018 09:12:27 | Mark Maybury

    Product Manager Mark Maybury explains how the admissions procedure has been transformed for parents and schools

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  • Implementation can be the key to a successful MIS

    13/08/2018 09:27:12 | Alex Williams, WCBS

    Operations Manager, Alex Williams and his team share years of experience with invaluable planning and resources tips.

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  • Weather, players and course all winners at 8th annual golf day

    27/07/2018 10:32:52 | WCBS

    Representatives of international schools from around the world played The Vale for the ‘coveted’ prizes at sponsored golf day.

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  • Software solution keeps schools in touch with their latest alumni

    19/07/2018 10:41:45 | WCBS

    Immediate, hassle-free access to all the functionality needed to manage schools’ community relations

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  • Summer edition of The Password has been delivered!

    15/06/2018 13:20:03 | WCBS

    This term’s newsletter reflects on the start of GDPR, product information, upcoming events and help with summer tasks

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  • Schools’ finance management highlighted at ISBA 2018

    22/05/2018 12:57:19 | WCBS

    Delegates at this year’s annual conference learned about the strengths of the bursars’ favourite finance software

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  • The Vale, Glamorgan popular choice for annual summer golf event

    04/05/2018 10:19:01 | WCBS

    Senior staff from international schools will tee off with sponsors at special one-off competition day

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  • Tough course didn’t deter intrepid golfers before BSME conference

    03/04/2018 12:23:10 | WCBS

    Excellent turnout for the annual pre-BSME golf tournament in Abu Dhabi witnessed brilliant performances and well deserved results

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  • Spring edition of The Password has been delivered

    29/03/2018 10:38:29 | WCBS

    The spring term has come to an end, read some of our news and highlights which we recently shared with customers

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  • GDPR is not just about technology systems

    22/03/2018 10:54:24 | Mark Maybury, Academic Product Manager

    How WCBS is ensuring our customers are fully informed about changes to data protection regulations

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  • Teachers and students benefit from advanced reporting from MIS

    07/03/2018 10:38:42 | WCBS

    Anglo Singapore International better understands students’ progress through analyses produced by advanced calculations

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  • Excitement builds for Chinese families as New Year gets closer

    15/02/2018 08:55:51 | WCBS

    Preparations are well under way to welcome in the new lunar year and celebrate the Year of the Dog

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  • Oakwood Prep proves small schools benefit from MIS

    06/02/2018 13:51:57 | WCBS

    School’s Bursar recounts story of implementing information management solution throughout the school.

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  • Awards ceremony highlights British education's global strength

    23/01/2018 08:52:13 | Anne Keeling for WCBS

    British International School Awards sponsored by WCBS recognise leading initiatives

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