Customer feedback results in focus on content for latest product updates

17/10/2018 12:23:00 | WCBS

The latest updates for 3sysACADEMIC, WCBS schoolPORTAL and passFINANCE are now being downloaded from the Customer Centre and alongside the routine maintenance work that we include, we have focused on enhancements suggested by our customers through our User Groups, Support Teams and Customer Account Managers.

3sysACADEMIC has improvements to the Pastoral Module, such as additions to the dashboard for a clearer and faster view of user’s workload, the ability to filter the Requires Action By grid to show either ALL open actions or just those assigned to the logged in user, and additional criteria to the Search page filter list to make it even easier to find what you are looking for, including adding Past Pupils. There has also been enhancements to transfer the ownership of all or some actions, and the Pastoral Alert banner.

There is now the option in the staff cover management screen for users to search for staff by school section making it easier to find the most appropriate person to provide cover.

Scottish schools can now have the SEN labels changed to ASN to reflect local terminology.

In much the same way that you can create a list of pupils by form group, you can now create a list of pupils by form year. This enhancement request received the highest number of votes in the WCBS Customer Centre.

The WCBS SchoolPORTAL update includes Pinned Documents set by the Admin User means that timetables, guidance for new pupils and other important information will be always shown at the top of the list, making sure they won’t be missed. Also they can be hyperlinked so that users can go directly to the relevant content.

In passFINANCE, a new "Second Language" field has been introduced to the Pupil Administration for Prospective and Current Pupils, and an option has been added in the Billing Ledger to Billing Options Maintenance to mask bank account numbers.

There are also some changes regarding the Charity Commission/OSCR, a Statement of Financial Activities (SoFA) report and to assist with the allocation of Reporting Categories to Nominal Accounts in v5.7 we've added a new Allocate Reporting Categories screen.

For a more detailed breakdown of the changes and enhancements, customers can log in to the Customer Centre to access the release notes.


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