New finance product developed in partnership with WCBS customers

07/02/2019 12:18:28 | WCBS

WCBS has launched its latest product, WCBS PRS (Purchase Requisition System), developed in partnership with passFINANCE customers, specifically to improve accountability, support better decision-making and ensure a level of governance that will deliver results.

WCBS PRS works to centralise purchasing activity across the school. It integrates seamlessly to open the system for all users, eliminating the need for rekeying information that so often can lead to error and duplicates effort.

Purchase requests are automatically passed through for authorisation and simple dashboards show current and outstanding spend, and existing commitments.

Orders are tracked all the way to goods received, with the originator able to confirm that all is satisfactory, thus ensuring a full audit trail.

WCBS PRS is a user-friendly solution that will improve efficiency and security. Requests and approvals are fully automated through a series of intuitive screens and alerts, allowing easy tracking, and removing storage and location issues that can create compliance risks.

Senior leaders will be able to access real time data, tailored to their areas of responsibility and relevant to their role, from any web-enabled device. Budget holders can take full responsibility and ownership of departmental spend to maximise impact. Gone are the days of monthly reports, which quickly become outdated, or the worry or need to chase a paper trail or even emails.

There is a special introductory offer on orders placed before 31st March 2019. For more information, contact our sales team via email or phone +44 (0)1458 833 344.


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